If you have problematic or undesirable trees around your residential or commercial property, you can have them removed safely and efficiently by the Southington Tree Removal professionals at Hillview Property Maintenance. Trees that are overgrown or diseased can pose a significant threat to your property, which is why hiring a tree removal professional may be necessary. Overgrown trees can create additional clutter with falling debris such as dead branches, leafs and twigs. Trees can also deter home improvement and new construction projects such as the installation off a new driveway or the building of a home addition, shack or underground piping.

Everyone enjoys trees on their property, so it can be a hard task to decide that it’s time to remove a tree. But tree removal is required for numerous reasons, such as:

  • A tree is dead or diseased
  • Dangerous or hazardous trees that could harm people or property
  • Trees that are planted too closely and are overcrowded
  • Trees growing too close to buildings or power lines
  • Trees that have been damaged by storms
  • Lifting foundation/driveway/sidewalk
  • To clear for new construction

When tree removal is required, Hillview Property Maintenance are property equipped to successfully remove trees of all sizes and scope. No tree is too big or too dangerous for our knowledgeable and experienced Southington tree removal contractors. We utilize a variety of modern equipment and bucket trucks, as well as climbing the tree to selectively remove branches that could potentially pose a danger risk to people on the ground. Once the tree is safely and efficiently removed, you can hire us to grind the tree stump to remove that as well. We offer expert Southington tree stump grinding services to all our Connecticut tree removal customers.

Hillview Property Maintenance has built a reputation for being the premier Southington Connecticut tree removal contractor and is an owner operated tree service company. Serving the greater Hartford and Litchfield County area for commercial and residential, we specialize in larger tree removal which many other companies do not have the capacity to handle. Our top priority is to provide complete satisfaction all of our customers and to continue to build and maintain our solid reputation.

We service the following and surrounding towns in Connecticut; Naugutuck, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, Thomaston, Middlebury, Southington, Prescott, Torrington, Litchfield, and beyond! Call us today at (203) 206-5668 to schedule a no-cost estimate. We look forward to your future business!